"As a nationally recognized photographer, licensed cosmetologist and a former model, my desire is to give you the best photograph you have EVER seen of yourself! With my background in fashion and beauty, fused with my love for the arts... my portait style showcases these three MOST important elements. The moment you step in front of my lens I am thinking LIKE A MODEL, LIKE A STYLIST AND A PHOTOGRAPHER collectively to give you the best portrait experience you could ever have.  I give great attention to posing, expression, styling and in my post processing as well, as I have adopted techniques of some of the most famous beauty retouchers.  I have over 12 consecutive years of full-time portrait experience and have photographed hundreds of high school seniors in the Central New York area and beyond.  No matter what your personality, lifestyle or hobby, I photograph it all! It is my desire to showcase who you are at this time of your life, and also give you an unforgettable experience!  I look forward to working with you during one of the most fun and memorable times of your life....YOUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR YEAR!"